Sunday, February 21, 2010


We have all come to know and love Google Maps. Recently, Google has taken Google Maps to the next level. The Google snowmobile allows users to interact with the Vancouver 2010 terrain in a totally unique and fresh way. Click here for an interactive map. See below for an explanatory video.

Go Canada!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Our Grade 4 classes have been working very hard at creating some unique and interesting podcasts for everyone to enjoy. They have reviewed a variety of books and are sharing their impressions here. I've added a permanent link on the left. We hope you enjoy listening to our podcasts as much as enjoyed making them. We used First Class software and our CHATT email accounts to record our podcasts. Thank you to Mrs. Markuci, Mrs. Decker-Such and Mrs. Reilly-Scott for their computer expertise and willingness to try new things!

Want to escape the nasty winter weather? Come to the Library on Fridays for Read and Relax! Grades 5 to 8 are invited to the Library during the 1st half of the 1st Nutrition Break. Grade 1 to 4 are invited to the Library during the 2nd half of the 1st Nutrition Break. Remember to bring your books and get ready to read. Thank you to all our Library friends who help make Read and Relax so successful: Mr. Purcell, Mrs. DiMatteo, Mrs. Collet, Mrs. Dietrich, Mrs. LaCroix, Ms. McWhirter, Ms. Ferenac, Mrs. Jansz, Mrs. Guzzo, Mr. Dalgliesh, Mrs. Nakahara, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. King, and Ms. Rust.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Selection for the 2010 Florence Meares Battle of the Books team has begun. Our team will be meeting weekly to train in preparation for the Battle in the spring at the Central Public library.

For more information about this exciting program click here.

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Hurley, Mrs. Hammill and all of our parent volunteers who have made our FM Battle of the Books team possible.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rough Weather Ahead for Walter the Farting Dog

Have you ever felt misunderstood or out of place? Well, this book is for you. William Kotzwinkle shares his creativity through Walter the dog.
Walter has a problem. Life handed Walter a lemon and he makes lemonade. Walter uses his special talent to help others. At the end of reading this story, we ask ourselves, what special talents and abilities do we have and how can we use these talents to help others.

Farley Follows His Nose

What do dogs love more than anything? Food! This week our Kindergarten friends met a new friend named Farley.

After an exhausting bath, Farley gets the munchies and smells some wonderful smells. Farley follows his nose to a child's birthday party where a boy gives Farley a hot dog. He has made a new friend. Farley's nose leads him to many other interesting places: a construction site, a pool, a garden, a campsite, and a park. In the park, Farley finds the boy from the birthday party. The boy is lost. Farley follows his nose once again and leads the boy home. A concerned Uncle Phil finally corrals Farley with his Farley's favourite food, pizza! A filthy Farley returns home ready for another bath.

The illustrations of the book will be immediately recognizable to fans of Lynn Johnston's comic strip “For Better or For Worse”. You can see more of Lynn's work here

The Forest of Reading program has arrived at the FM Library. Next week our Silver Birch Express (Grade 4), Silver Birch (Grade 5 and 6), and Red Maple (Grade 7 and 8) groups will be meeting to exchange and discuss book. We will also be sending emails to our HDSB CHATT conferences about the books. Podcasting book review will also be something we are going to try as well. Stay tuned to this website for some upcoming, student created, podcasts that we will be posting here. Be sure to check the Library Calendar for exact meeting times. We look forward to a fun and productive time together.

For more information about the Forest of Reading program please visit the Ontario Library Association website here:

If you have any questions, please send me an email @