Friday, February 25, 2011

The Mortal Insturments

Hey guys,Clary here. Your librarian asked me to write a reveiw for my new book series City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass. This series is about my life and everything that happens after I run into a group of 3 Shadowhunters. What's a Shadowhunter? They’re like the police of the country of Idris. They live in the human world and kill any demons who enter the mundane (human) world and any Downworlders (eg. vampires, werewolves) who break the law. Anyway, in the series I find out that My mom was a Shadowhunter and my dad is a crazy Shadowhunter gone wrong. I also meet the handsome Jace and discover a shoking secret about him. Memories come flooding back (thanks to a sparkley warlock) and I need to learn the ways of the Shadowhunter if I am to ever wake up my mom from a magicaly induced coma and stop my father from collecting the 3 mortal insurments, needed to raise the ancient creator of the Shadowhunter race (who is in fact an angel). Whoops, got to go. Luke (a former Shadowhunter who was turned into a werewolf and is my mom’s best friend) is calling me. Hope you enjoy the books! One last thing. If you’re under 12, I wouldn’t recommend this series.

By Rebecca

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Jellaby is about a girl named Portia that is going to a new school. She hears a noise when she is going to bed and then she finds a purple monster. Portia and Jason both get detention together and Jason finds out about the purple monster. So Portia's mom brings her home and Jason brings home the purple monster from school. Portia walks over to Jason's house after her mom leaves. At Jason's house she thinks of the name Jellaby but Jason wants to name him Fangzilla. Jellaby wants to go home and sees a door that he remembers. Portia goes home and asks her mom if she can go trick or treating with Jason in order to help Jellaby get home. Her mom says yes. If you wanna to know how it ends read the book. This book is a graphic novel with not a lot of color. I thought this was a very good book so read it and tell me if you liked it.

By, Paige

Thursday, February 10, 2011


A huge thank you to Kelley Armstrong.

Kelley visited our Grade 6, 7, and 8 students at Florence Meares this afternoon and we were thrilled to have her visit.

Kelley read the fist part of "The Summoning" from her "Darkest Powers" trilogy. She shared all about her experiences with writing and publishing. Students were eager to ask questions at the end of her talk.

Thank you so much Kelley for your visit and for writing such wonderful books.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Summoning is a fast paced adventure book about fifteen year old Chloe Saunders, who is tired of being treated like a kid. However, in just a couple weeks, her life changes completely. When she decides to skip class one day, she runs into a janitor who chases her, asking her to stop running and talk to him. Then, he changes shape and becomes a monster that only Chloe can see. After screaming, kicking, and even wrestling with three teachers, Chloe gets transported to a group home for unstable teens, and is told that she is seeing and hearing things that aren't really there. But the group home isn't what it seems, especially once you go into the basement......I think this book was amazingly written because the author put so many details to describe Chloe's feelings and thoughts. I also think that she had an awesome plot because it's not everyday that you come across a book with suspense and mystery at every page. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in ghosts, mysteries, and the unnatural.

By, Alana

There are romurs, that if you have the right things and say the right things you'll enter MALICE, a comic where few kids go and even fewer survive. Seth and Kady think it's all just a silly myth but when their friend Luke goes missing, those rumours don't seam so silly after all!

MALICE is real! MALICE is deadly, and Seth and Kady are about to enter it!

By, Camryn