We are very excited to offer audiobooks and ebooks for download.

You will need 2 things to get started:  

-a WiFi enabled device
-your library barcode (email Mr. C)

Now you are ready to get started.  

Here are some some steps to get you started on most portable devices (iOS or Android OS):

1.  Download and install the Overdrive Media Console from your APP Store:

Google Play - Overdrive App

iTunes - Overdrive

2. Go into the Overdrive Media Console.  

3.  Add your Library.  Search HDSB and pick Florence Meares Public School from the list of Libraries.

4. Find a book to read or listen to and add it to your cart.  

5.  Checkout

6.  If prompted, enter your HDSB network login info..

7.  Download or stream your book.

8. Enjoy!

Titles can also be streamed to any internet enable device here:

HDSB Digital Library

For more information be sure to check out "Getting Started With Overdrive".

Need help? Be sure to visit the OverDrive Help Page.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me an email or come and see me.  I'm here to help.

Have fun :-)

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