Sunday, June 16, 2013

2013 FM LIbrary Summer Reading Top Ten :-)

We had another fantastic year in the FM Library this year.  A huge thank you goes out to all of our volunteers this year:  Mrs. Featherstone, Mrs. Jarvis, Mrs. Varasso, Mrs. Dawe, Mrs. Mowder, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Hammill and Mrs. Soliman.  Both students and teachers have greatly appreciated all your help throughout the year.  Thank you so much!!

As we prepare for summer we hope you continue to work on your reading skills.  Be sure to get your FM Library barcode from Mr. Cann before you leave for the summer, if you don't already have it.  Many exciting websites require your FM Library barcode for home access. Here are my top ten ideas for keeping those skills up over the summer:

10. Check out the Find A Book section of the FM Library website.  There are lots of hidden gems including Storyline Online.

9. Enjoy Bookflix and other web based OSAPAC titles like Bitstrips For Schools.

8. Have story time with a younger brother or sister.

7. Visit Novelist for suggested new reads.

6. Read a book from Ms. Fink's Hot Reads.

5. Download an ebook or audiobook.

4. Visit the local library where you are spending your vacation.  You might find a hidden gem like we did in Bayfield, Ontario last summer.

3. Missing the FM Library puppets?  Put on a puppet show of your own for your family and friends with your favourite stuffies.  This will be great practice for your oral expression and drama skills.

2.  Check out Garage Sales or Used Book Stores for inexpensive books that you can add to your collection.

1.  Participate in the Burlington Public Library's Summer Reading Program.  The program starts on June 28th.

On the behalf of the FM Library, I want to wish everyone a fun, safe and reading filled summer.

See everyone in September :-)

Mr. Cann

Friday, June 7, 2013


Recently, Mrs. Fink read "The Import Book" by Margaret Wise Brown.

With vivid illustrations and thoughtful text, this book looks at everyday things such as spoons, daisys, rain and grass and why they are important to us.

After the students listened to "The Important Book" Mrs. Fink had the student write about what was important to them.  Connor, in Grade One, shared "The important thing about reading . . ." and I just had to share.

I think Libraries are important too Connor.

Thank you so much for sharing with us.  Roald Dahl is a super author and I think it is fantastic how much you love reading.