Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Snow Day

There really is nothing better than a good winter storm.  If we are lucky enough, here in Burlington, once a winter something magical happens. So much snow falls that buses stop running and schools are closed.  Our Kindergarten and Grade One students had fun last week discussing the fun of snowstorms and Snow Days. We read "The Snow Day" by Komako Sakai. In this story a young bunny discovers school buses are not running and schools are closed.  Bunny is so excited to play in the snow but must wait until the snow stops falling. Paired with beautiful illustrations, this story captures the magic of winter and the wonder of youth.  Don’t forget, when a snowstorm approaches, to wear your PJs inside out, place a spoon under your pillow and put an ice cube in your toilet (check with your parents first). If we try hard enough we might get a Snow Day this year :)