Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Animation Lab Comes to FM

During the month of November we had a tremendous opportunity to work with some new equipment that came to our school called the Animation Lab.

We worked with MacBooks, Video Cameras, Firewire cables, and iStop and iMovie software. Our job was to take some sort of action figure or something that could be molded to make a movie trailer. Mrs. Rust's class had the opportunity to make a clay figure that moved and changed its shape. It was a very interesting project but it's like all programs and has flaws. Through the course of making my animation my group and I ran into some small problems with the program when our progress did not save. After that, it was very much smooth sailing.

Besides that, the project was a very fun one. I think my group and I did very well on this project. We really liked the Animation Lab and I think it should be used at many other schools so that lot of kids can enjoy creating their own stop motion videos. Out of 10 stars i would give the program a 7.5.

If you would like check out the videos that we made please go here http://chatt.hdsb.ca/~cannm/Animation%20Lab/.

By Liam.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stanley's Wild Ride

Do you love dogs, skateboards and adventure? This book is for you! Stanley, Alice, Elwood, and Gassy Jack are back in another wild adventure. This time, Stanley escapes the confines of his yard and encourages his friends to get involved. Before we know it, the town is full of howling dogs who joy ride around town. The inspirational message at the end of the book complete this outstanding book.