Friday, September 23, 2011

September 2011

We've had a great start to our school year in the FM Library.

All of our Grade JK to 4 classes have been up for their weekly Library exchange and the books have been flying out the doors. Students are encouraged to return their Library books on a weekly basis so they can get new books.

Our Grade 5 to 8 classes have had their Library Orientation sessions and we have enjoyed playing Jeopardy and watching "The Girl Who Hated Books" by Jo Meuris which you can watch here

Homework Club has started up for our Grade 6 to 8 students during 1st Break. A huge thank you to Ms. Rust and Mrs. Nakahara who make this happen! This is a great chance for our students to get some homework done in a supportive environment.

See you soon in the Library!


Jerry the bee is misunderstood. People are afraid of Jerry. Jerry is a large bee. Our Grade 3 students enjoyed hearing the story of Jerry this week. Bee-Wigged written by Cece Bell is a story of ones longing to fit in. It's also a story of friendship and acceptance of differences. At the end of this touching story we realized that it's what's inside that counts. Bee-Wigged is an outstanding picture book that is not to be missed.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Buzz Visits Telling Tales!!

Our Library mascot, Buzz, had an amazing time at the Telling Tales Storytelling Festival on Sunday, September 18th. The weather was outstanding and Buzz had the chance of a lifetime to meet some famous authors!

The day started with a bus ride from the Rockton fairgrounds to Westfield Heritage Village. It was Buzz's first bus ride and you can tell by the smile on his face that he enjoyed every minute of it.
Buzz then visited the "Swapping Tales" Children's Book Swap where he exchanged some of his books for books he had never read before. The air was buzzing as people excitedly swapped books.

Next Buzz had the pleasure of meeting Mireille Messier author of "Luca". Written in French, "Luca" is vividly illustrated by Carl Pelletier and reminds us that going to sleep can be hard especially if you have an outstanding and creative imagination! Buzz was excited to bring back a copy of "Luca" to the FM Library!
Buzz was thrilled to meet Barbara Reid. Her new book "Picture a Tree" once again showcases her outstanding artistic talents using plasticine. "Picture a Tree" shows all the things a tree can be and the many ways a tree can be pictured. Barbara Reid even signed a copy of her new book which Buzz has brought home to the FM Library! Thank you so much :-)

Kean Soo's "Jellaby" books continue to be a popular Graphic Novel read here at FM. Our very own Paige W. has written a review of "Jellaby" which you can find here. Buzz had a chance to talk to Kean about his books and his unique artwork. Thank you Kean and we can't wait for your next book!
After visiting the many unique buildings at Westfield Heritage Village Buzz reclined in the sunshine to enjoy some popcorn and a reading of "Gifts" by Jo Ellen Bogart and Barbara Reid.

What a great day and a huge thank you to all the folks who helped to make the Telling Tales Festival happen. Make plans to attend next September.

For more information visit the Telling Tales website.